New livelihoods opportunities for rural areas

We organize, train and advise 4000 farmers in the Mount Kenya region

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Our farmers grow and harvest a variety of crops following our advice. We collect the fresh produce and send it to you. We also process some of the produce into essential oils from plants like leleshwa, eucalyptus, cedarwood, frankincense, geranium and chamomille.

Essential and Natural Seeds Oils

We produce high quality essential and natural seeds oils for the cosmetic, fragrance and pharmacy industries.

Our main production focus on leleshwa, eucalyptus, cedarwood, frankincense, geranium and chamomille essential oils and cape chestnut oil, commonly known as yangu oil. All our oils are ethically sourced and sustainably produced in Kenya.

Leleshwa, eucalyptus, cedarwood and frankincense are collected from the forests and the wild farming landscape by women and youth. This has provided them with an alternative source of income.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Tree Tomato, Strawberries, Mango, Fresh Chives and Traditional Kenyan Vegetables are the main 5 value chains we focus our effort on, because of high yelds, soil fit and sustainable water needs.

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These are the companies that are championing agile farming

Importers & Wholesalers

Get quality produce made with love by thriving farmers’ communities in the Mount Kenya region. 

Individual Investors

You support small-holders farmers in Kenya while earning up to 12% profit a year on your investment. You can redeem your capital every year or every 6 months. 

What we grow and produce

Tree Tomato
$1,20 x Kg
$2,13 x Kg
$1,32 x Kg

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Fresh Chives
$2,05 xKg
Fresh Mint
$1,65 xKg
Cape Chestnut oil (Yangu)
$200 xKg
Geranium oil
$250 x Kg
German Chamomille oil
$250 x Kg

Happy Farmers

Since I have joined the micro-credit programme at HBV I have been able to successfully farm throughout the whole year, and did not have to worry about saving for paying kids' school fees.

Audry Y.

Nieri, Kenya


“SEED is all about helping spur innovation that protects our natural environment and accelerates development. Past winners have delivered grass-roots solutions on issues including waste management, renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. They see environmental protection not as a cost or a burden, but as an opportunity. As such, they are laying the foundations for what our planet needs: a fundamental shift towards a green economy.”

Erik Solheim, Head of UN Environment

“In the context of perhaps our greatest global challenge – meeting growing consumer demands while managing increasingly overburdened natural resources, many eco-inclusive enterprises, such as those recognised in this year’s SEED Awards are turning challenges into opportunities, and, in so doing, are part of a vital step change in the way we do business. It is this new generation of entrepreneurs, and their solutions-oriented thinking, that will help us achieve a sustainable global economy that works with nature rather than against it.”

Inger Andersen, IUCN Director General

“Ecological business models have a huge role to play in achieving the Sustainable Development GoalsWe congratulate this year’s SEED Winners for demonstrating that business really can be profitable whilst respecting nature and the environment. Their innovative ideas, supported by SEED and partner organizations, stand as examples for other businesses that are striving to fight poverty and climate change in ways that are sustainable”

Achim Steiner, UNDP Administrator

We at Horizon Business Ventures believe in farmers’ best intentions
Our farmers are exceptional persons, they are skillful growers with a big heart for nature. We stand behind them and we are greatful for their precious work is feeding humanity.