New livelihoods opportunities for rural areas

We organize, train and advise 4000 farmers in the Mount Kenya region

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Essential and Natural Seeds Oils

We produce high quality essential and natural seeds oils for the cosmetic, fragrance and pharmacy industries.

Our main production focus on wild grown plants like leleshwa, eucalyptus, cedarwood, frankincense, baobab, marula and cape chestnut. We also have farmers growing chamomille and geranium for our essential oils production. All our oils are ethically sourced and sustainably produced in Kenya.

Baobab, leleshwa, eucalyptus, cedarwood, marula, cape chestnuts and frankincense are collected from the forests and the wild farming landscape by women and youth. This has provided them with an alternative source of income and contributes to the preservation of the forest and its ecosystem

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Our farmers grow and harvest a variety of crops following our advice.

Tree Tomato, Strawberries, Mango, Fresh Chives and Traditional Kenyan Vegetables are the main 5 value chains we focus our effort on, because of high yelds, soil fit and sustainable water needs.

We currently supply 2 of the largest supermarkets chains in Kenya and several well known brand in the local diary industry.

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Get quality produce made with love by thriving farmers’ communities in the Mount Kenya region.¬†

Individual Investors

You support small-holders farmers in Kenya while earning up to 10% profit a year on your investment. You can redeem your capital every year or every 6 months.

We at Horizon Business Ventures believe in farmers’ best intentions
Our farmers are exceptional persons, they are skillful growers with a big heart for nature. We stand behind them and we are greatful for their precious work is feeding humanity.