Baobab essential oil


Adansonia is a genus of deciduous trees known as baobabs. They are found in arid regions of Madagascar, mainland Africa, Arabia, and Australia.

Baobab oil is obtained from the seeds of Adansonia tree. This tree is one of the most characteristic trees of Africa, and it is often called the upside down tree because it looks as though it is growing roots upwards. The oil is quite viscous, with a rich, silky feel and a mild aroma. Baobab oil is an excellent moisturizer and ideal for numerous cosmetic applications. Baobab oil is one of the most prominent oils from Africa.

Product information


4000 Kg per year

We distill an average of 4000 Kg baobab oil per year. On request we could double the production.

35 $ per Kg

We pay a fair price to the local community groups, mainly women and youth, that collect the seeds in the wild. We also invest resources in the preservation of the Mt Kenya forest.

100% wild Adasonia

Our baobab oil has deep golden yellow color, earthy aroma and a nutty taste.