Chamomile essential oil


Chamomile comes from the Greek chamos, or ground, for its low growing habit, and melos, or apple, for the sweet apple-like scent of its blossoms.┬áChamomile was known to the Romans and used for incense and in beverages, although the term “Roman chamomile” was not coined at this time. Instead, it was seen growing in the Colosseum in Rome by a 19th century plant collector. Chamomile Roman Essential Oil has a long tradition in herbal medicine. ┬áChamomile essential oils are stand-outs in massage oils, salves, and compresses, where they help alleviate tired and sore bodies and muscles, perhaps due to overworking or stress. In all its incarnations, chamomile reliably provides cooling, soothing, and gentle aid.

Product information


300 Kg per year

We distill an average of 300 Kg chamomile oil per year. We are currently phasing our production out and replace it with helichrysum to suit better our farmers environment

800 $ per Kg

We pay a fair price to the local farmers that grow the chamomile in their farms. We also invest resources in training this farmers in specific production techniques, pest and disease control and climate change resilience.

100% natural Matricaria chamomilla

Our Chamomile oil has a sweet, herbaceous, tea-like, woodys smell and it has a clear blond color.